3rd Division- Judge Sandy Huckabee
Trial Court Assistant: Margaret Uzzell
Court Reporter: Donna Wood

301 N. Center St., Suite 302
Lonoke, Arkansas 72086
(501) 676-3090
(501) 676-3093 (facsimile)

Offices of the Third Division of the Lonoke County Circuit Court are located on the third floor of the Lonoke County Courthouse, 301 N. Center St., Suite 302, Lonoke, Arkansas 72086. Judge Huckabee holds drug treatment court. He, also, hears criminal and civil cases.

Sandy Huckabee
- Circuit Judge
Judge Huckabee was elected Lonoke County Circuit Judge – Third Division and entered judicial service on January 1, 2009. Prior to entering judicial service, Judge Huckabee was in the law practice for over twenty (20) years, including service as a prosecutor in the the United State Air Force Judge Advocate Corp (1988-1992), and subsequent private law practice as an insurance defense counsel, general civil law practitioner, and was certified as a mediator in civil/family law with the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. Judge Huckabee is a member of the Lonoke County, Arkansas, and American Bar Associations.

Margaret Uzzell - Trial Court Assistant
Mrs. Uzzell efficiently manages the disposition of cases filed in the Third Division. Mrs. Uzzell maintains the Court calendar, sets dates for the trial of cases and hearing of motions, and performs other related duties as required by the Court. Mrs. Uzzell previously served in the 23rd Judicial Circuit as a Trial Court Assistant (First Division) and as a Chief/Deputy Clerk for the Lonoke County Circuit Clerk’s office.

Donaa Wood - Court Reporter
Mrs. Wood transcribes proceeding of trials and hearings set in Third Division, and maintains the exhibits from said proceedings. Not all proceedings are transcribed. For those proceedings which are transcribed, a copy of said transcript is available upon request to Mrs. Wood and payment arrangements have been made with Mrs. Wood for said transcription. Mrs. Wood has previously served in the 23rd Judicial Circuit as a Court Reporter (First Division).

What are treatment courts?
A treatment court is a highly intensive, hands-on program of supervised probation and rehabilitation for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. The purpose of treatment court is to help the addict recover, reduce criminal activity and return the person to a productive lifestyle. Participants to treatment courts must admit to addiction, have a non-violent criminal history and meet other conditions of the program. Each participant has been found guilty by the Judge of having committed some non-violent crime. A major requirement of treatment courts is that each participant will stop using drugs and be drug free. Drug tests are performed routinely but randomly to ensure compliance. The Judge meets with each participant weekly to hold them accountable for their actions. Persons who graduate may be entitled to have their criminal record sealed. Persons who do not graduate or meet the requirements may be sent to prison by the Judge.

Lonoke County operates two treatment courts; a drug treatment court for eligible, non-veteran participants, and a veteran’s treatment court for eligible, veteran participants.





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