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You may contact us at (501) 676-3131 and facsimile at (501) 676-3034.
Judge Barbara Elmore
First Division Circuit Court, 23rd Judicial District
Lonoke County, Arkansas

Judge Elmore has served as Circuit Judge since July 2007.  Judge Elmore’s Court focuses on domestic, civil, probate and criminal proceedings.  She is a member of the Arkansas Bar Association and the Lonoke County Bar Association.  Also, she is a member of the Arkansas Judicial Council. 

To set hearings in her court, you may call her Trial Court Assistant, Deseria Blair (501) 676-3131.

Barbara Elmore
Krystal Jones
Position:  Court Reporter

Krystal Jones is the court reporter for Judge Barbara Elmore, 1st Division Circuit Court. My job in the courtroom is to make the most accurate record possible of the court proceedings via Stenomask, using the latest digital technology, and to maintain all case exhibits.

Not all proceedings are transcribed. However, if you need to request a transcript of any proceeding, please call me at 676-3018. If I’m not available, please leave a message on the answering machine that includes the date of the hearing, the case number and style, as well as your name and number. I will return your call as soon as possible in order to give you an estimate of the costs involved, as well as an estimated time for preparation of the transcript.

I require a minimum of 1/2 the cost of the transcript, and in some cases the full amount is required, before I begin transcribing any hearing. Once the transcript is prepared, I will notify you that it’s ready to be picked up. If at that time a balance is still due, it must be paid in full before the transcript is released.

Krystal Jones
 Court Reporter
Deseria Blair
Position:  Trial Court Manager
Ms. Blair is responsible for efficient case flow management by maintaining the court calendars, which includes a portion of the domestic, probate, civil and criminal dockets, setting cases for trial and scheduling hearings on motions. Ms. Blair also performs other administrative duties as required by the court.

Ms. Blair  can be contacted at (501) 676-3131.

Deseria Blair
Trial Court Manager
The juvenile court handles matters of delinquency. Delinquency is when a person under the age of 18 is accused of doing something that would be a crime if done by an adult. Allegations of delinquency may be diverted into Teen Court based upon the recommendation of the prosecuting attorney and the juvenile intake officer. Juveniles and their families must sign and complete the requirements of a diversion agreement to participate in Teen Court. If diversion is not appropriate, the prosecuting attorney may file a delinquency petition with the Circuit Court. The juvenile will be notified to appear for an intake interview where the charges will be explained. The juvenile’s parents or legal guardian must be present during all proceedings. A juvenile delinquent has the right to an attorney. The Judge may appoint an attorney to represent the juvenile if the family cannot afford one. The Judge will determine if the juvenile is delinquent. If delinquent, the Judge has a range of alternatives to use. The Judge’s choice considers all factors including the juvenile’s history, physical and mental condition, circumstances at home, the facts and seriousness of the offense, as well as the best interest of the juvenile.

The juvenile court handles matters of truancy. Truancy means missing more days of school than the law allows. Every child between the ages of five (5) and eighteen (18) must attend school. Each school keeps a record of unexcused absences for their students. When a student obtains more unexcused absences than allowed by law, the school notifies the Juvenile Department of the Circuit Court. The Juvenile Department will contact the family of the student about the absences and attempt to handle the issue of absences without court intervention. This is called diversion. If a diversion is not appropriate, a truancy petition is filed, and the family must appear before the Judge. The Judge will determine if truancy has occurred. If truant, the Judge has alternatives to use. The Judge’s choice considers all factors including the juvenile’s history, physical and mental condition, circumstances at home and the facts and seriousness of the offense.

The juvenile court handles matters pertaining to families in need of services (FINS). A family in need of services is any family where a juvenile’s behavior is beyond the control of the authority figures within the home and outside assistance is necessary to protect the best interest of the juvenile. Any interested person may file a FINS petition by contacting the Juvenile Department of the Circuit Court. The Judge will determine if the family is in need of services. If the Judge finds a FINS, a range of services can be provided to the family.

Department of Human Services cases are also included in the juvenile docket.


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